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For those who are comfortable with Excel (Intermediate to reasonably advanced)

Course length: 1 day (9.15am – 4.30pm)
Location: London, venue details confirmed closer to date
Course Objective
The course is focused on significantly increasing your skill level at Analysing and Summarising Data in Excel, by the end of the course we will apply everything we have learned to build a fully functioning Dashboard for reporting purposes.


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Reminder of what Excel is
We begin all our sessions with the question, what Excel is confused for, what Excel really is and how to get the most out of Excel for your work.
Benefit: Rather than jumping from feature to feature and learning arbitrary Excel skills, we want to take a few minutes to establish clear goals with Excel so we can get the most out of it.

Finding Data (Intermediate)
Using the INDEX/MATCH combination which is arguably the most powerful way to find the data you need, Using Data Validation to put useful restrictions on cells and to build drop down lists, Mastering one of Excel’s greatest functions: The Autofilter.
Benefit: As data becomes more extensive, we need to up our game for wading through it and finding what we need, the techniques you learn here will go a long way in doing that.

Dealing with Non-Numerical Data (Intermediate)
Cleansing external text data with CLEAN, Removing extra spaces with TRIM and Fixing capitalisation of words with PROPER. Introduction to text formulas such as LEN, LEFT, RIGHT, MID and SEARCH to so we can do more effective analysis of names in our work.
Benefit: Not glamourous work but very necessary to ensure that our data will stand up to the analysis and summarising we need to do with it later.

Treating Data with Rules (Intermediate)
Nesting IF Formulas for to create various outcomes for data such as project RAG status, Combining IF with VLOOKUP for powerful automated analysis, a powerful technique for automatically updating a ‘top 10’ list with just formulas.
Benefit: Sophisticated methods for getting insights from more and more data.

Summarising Data (Intermediate)
Pivot Tables in 15 minutes, Using Conditional Summarising formulas SUMIF/COUNTIF for quick flexible results, Taking Autofilters to another level with SUBTOTAL, Conditional Formatting introduction and using formulas in conjunction to make the most out of visual automation.
Benefit: Wider summarisation techniques will help to communicate our data seamlessly.

Goal of course: Build a Dashboard
Using all the technique from this session, we will put together a living breathing Dashboard with real world value.

60-minute Q & A with Instructor (Optional)
Delegates can stay back and ask questions, reinforce skills learned over the day and get guidance on implementing the skills in your actual work. You are encouraged to bring in any files report you work on for input on improving them.

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02/03/2018 – London, 10/03/2018 – London, 24/02/2018 – London


What skill level do you need to be at with Excel?
This is not for beginners in Excel, it’s an intense but transformative course. You should be an experienced, though not necessarily advanced user of Excel.

What are the prerequisites for this course?
Prerequisites: You should be using Excel at work daily and have an understanding the worksheet, basics, VLOOKUP basics, chart basics, sorting. If you don’t have all the prerequisites, as soon as you register you will get access to our online prerequisites for the course, you are advised to review this beforehand to make the most of the day. Also, our beginner to intermediate course is the perfect prerequisite for this course, it may be more beneficial (and cost effective) for you to attend these courses back to back (see the schedule)

Although I use Excel, I’m concerned about the more advanced technical skills; will this go over my head?
Not at all. Firstly, the course has been refined over the years to be sympathetic to non-technical people. Also, the course and instructor will hand hold you and subtly introduce you to more demanding concepts with actual examples that will resonate with you. Also, we recognise that one day isn’t always sufficient to grasp skills so we follow up after the course and give you access to support.

Will I forget these skills?
This is a very real occurrence for many delegates who don’t get a chance to use their skills. We have countered this in two ways:
1. Our curriculum focuses on teaching only the most useful practical Excel skills. It has been designed by Sohail Anwar who has 10+ years of using Excel in consulting for major organisations. The course material and teaching approach has been extensively tested on over 1000 students and refined over the last 5 years.
2. We have a strong support aspect which is detailed below.
What kind of support is there for delegates?
At the end of each day there will be an extensive open-ended Q & A with the instructor. The instructor will have some one on one time which each delegate and after the course the instructor will follow up with each delegate with a progress check and a recommended roadmap to improve skills further. Delegates will also get e-mail /forum support for up to a year afterwards.

Who is the ideal attendee?
This is for Analysts, PMO’s, Portfolio Analysts, Management Accountants, Finance Business Partners, Finance Analysts and Controllers with at least intermediate level Excel skills.

Which sectors is this course suitable for?
The approaches have been proven over dozens of projects/organisations in Finance, Energy, Retail, Pharma, Consulting and Public Sector.

Which version of Excel will be used?
We will be using Office 365 which is equivalent to Excel 2016, however you are welcome to bring your own laptop providing your version of Excel is at least 2007.

Will the course have breaks?
Yes, there will be two short breaks and a 30-min lunch break. All food and refreshments will be provided by us.

Where is the venue?
We will let you know the venue details closer to the actual course date.

When does the course start?
We recommend getting to the venue for 9am with a strict 9.15am start. The course will go on till 4.30 pm with an optional 60minute Q & A after with the instructor where delegates can get further guidance.

Can you deliver the course at our company’s premises?
Yes, please get in touch and we can arrange an on-site course, fully tailored to give maximum benefit to your company.

Our promise to you:

If you have taken the time and cost to learn from us then us will make the most of that time, we will ensure the skills you learn will give you a great return on your efforts.

What we’ve found is that the more things we try to teach in one day the more overwhelmed people become and retention of the skills diminishes quickly. So the goal isn’t to teach you lots of things but to really focus on the few key things that will have the biggest impact to you and your company when you go back in to work the next day.

Following the session, if you are not happy about the training, you can get in touch with us within 30 days and we can arrange for you to attend another course free of charge or issue a full refund.